Tel Aviv Retreat 2023!

It's more than a retreat, more than a trip; it's an experience!


🚗 ISRAEL TRIP: MAY 13th – 20th. 

💻COWORKING ADD-ON: MAY 20th – 27th. 

Open to both men, women, and couples seeking an adventure of a lifetime! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈

israel 2023


You NEED to come to Israel.  It’s ANCIENT HISTORY. It’s MODERN HISTORY. It. is. a. VIBE. And, it’s not one of those countries where you can just go alone. You need LOCALS, you need to meet Jews AND Arabs, you need to see Tel Aviv AND the northern villages. You need our party guide Matt to show you Tel Avivs amazing nightlife (no heels needed!) TRUST ME, after 94 countries  TEL AVIV is my favorite city  (and the most expensive in the world) for a reason.

Everyone wants to live here. Delicious fresh food, electric energy, scooters, crashing waves, ancient cities clashing with the Middle Easts most progressive nation. 

Israel is known as “Start Up Nation” because  with under 10 million citizens,  it has 92 UNICORNS (billion dollar companies.) 

This is not a tour. This is not a trip.

This is a step into life into the world of Israel.

Our trip DETAILS

Israel Trip at a glance!


Who Can Join?

This trip is open to both men, women and couples! Israel is an extremely liberal country and very welcoming of LGBTQ+ travelers! 🏳️‍🌈


What are the dates?

May 13th - May 20th, 2023


In a fun, down-to-earth, cozy hostel in the beating heart of Tel Aviv!

Airport Options

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

What will we do?

As always, our retreats have a life of their own - and the best parts are unplanned.

Connect with other curious people, entrepreneurs, and creators. Learn about Israeli life - the mix of religions and cultures, and relax in the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD with fabulous beaches AND nightlife of Tel Aviv! Trust me *its a vibe*!

Though this is our first Experience, we'll have Retreat Like elements. Talking circles, get to know each other, and connecting with friends who will become travel buddies, business partners, and more!

meet your licensed guide and new bestie:


That’s right, besties! MATT KESTON, our British- Israeli Success Circle co-host and host of Nas Summit, is ALSO a certified licensed tour guide in Israel (an impressive feat that takes 2 years and many difficult tests to become), and will be leading us in this fun-filled adventure!

I (Alyne) have also been to Israel over 30 times, am half Israeli (ethnically – all my Dad’s family lives there) and speak Hebrew! 

Matt is also famous for his love of Nightlife, so he’ll take us on a bar and nightclub crawl. The best thing about going out in Tel Aviv? Everything is walking distance and you can wear sneakers and Jeans

So what's plan?! ( expect changes+ surprises)


Beach Olympics in Tel Aviv

Nothing screams TEL AVIV more than beautiful people playing padel ball, free outdoor gyms, “futsal”, and doing Acro Yoga on the sand by the boardwalk! We’ll host our own Beach Olympics to experience the true “Tel Aviv Life”, and in the evening?  Enjoy Tel Aviv’s insane nightlife with Matt the king of going out as our fearless leader. Forget New York, this is LEGIT the city that never sleeps.

THE DEAD SEA + desert + Masada

What’s a Dear Alyne Retreat without DAY TRIPS?! The DEAD SEA aka the lowest point on earth, lined with salt instead of sand that fixes people’s skin. It’s so salty you CANNOT SINK. You will float! We’ll use the MINERAL MUD and coat ourselves head to toe for an au naturale spa experience.

If you think you’re salty, wait till you’re floating in this!

Ancient jerusaleM + Western wall

AKA the HOLIEST CITY IN THE WORLD and MY FAVORITE! I have spent days, weeks, exploring this ancient city. As someone who has been to over 90 countries, there’s nothing like it in the world. It can be a maze, but we will have Matt our amazing and entertaining bestie show us the BEST spots – like the world-famous WESTERN WALL where you can write a prayer, and of course the golden DOME OF THE ROCK you can see below. 

As Nas Daily said in Day 58 “You have to visit Jerusalem before you die!”

Dinner with Nas Daily's family Village

Did you know that Israel is 80% Jewish AND 20% Arab?! This gorgeous city also happens to be Nuseir’s village, where we will have a special private experience with his family at their home for a traditional home-cooked meal, and explore the magic that gave birth to the genius that is Nas Daily! 😎

shabbat dinner with alyne's family

 Enjoy a delicious Shabbat Dinner prepared by Alyne’s family – a traditional Friday Night holy dinner in Judaism meant to gather family and pause for the week. Shabbat traditionally also meant no using electricity, and NO WORK. A required break! 

coworking week May 20-27

Are you an entrepreneur, creator, or business minded? Join us for week 2- a private coworking experience in a historic home in the Heart of Yafo! We’ll have Hot Seats, Brainstorming sessions, and Deep Dives i

trip details

What's included:

A cute and cozy hostel for 8 days

Abraham Hostel, according to independent reviews, are guests' favorite part of Tel Aviv! This groovy accommodation has its own special gem and vibe to get you in the perfect Tel Aviv mood!

Breakfast and Dinners, Airport Transfer, Guided tours & Activities

We will have tons of fun activities and guided tours planned like exploring Tel Aviv's famous white sand beaches, go on vegan food tours and go bar crawling- experiencing Tel Aviv's amazing night life! We will also be taking day trips to the Dead Sea, the world's holiest city Jerusalem, and Arrabe for a special homecooked Arabic meal by Nuseir's family!

Breakfast and Dinners will be provided. We will leave lunch up to you to give everyone a chance explore more of Tel Aviv's amazing restaurants, cafes and street food on their own time and pace!

Workshops and Experiences

This is more of a trip than a retreat so this will be 80% trip and activities and 20% workshops, which will be held in the evenings.

What's not included:

Your flights, PCR tests, or personal purchases.

That's all!

our food!


Local & fresh VEGAN/vegetarian meals

As always, Dear Alyne Retreats are 100% vegetarian with vegan options.  
Are you Gluten Free, or have allergies? Just let us know! 
Daily breakfast and dinner meals and drinks are included! 
your accommodation for the week (MaY 13-20)

Abraham Hostel

The photos speak for themselves! Come RELAX, ENJOY, AND RECONNECT  in the beating heart of Tel Aviv, surrounded by many of the city’s hottest spots. The best hostel in Tel Aviv, which is located only 50 meters from the buzzing Rothschild Boulevard in the small neighborhood known as Electric Garden (Gen HaHashmal). The hostel is within walking distance of the beach, Old Jaffa, the edgy Florentin neighborhood, and the city’s main cultural attractions.

what to expect


"One year from now, you will wish, you had signed up for the Tel Aviv Retreat today!"

– Amelia Earheart – Abraham Lincoln – Mahatma Gandhi

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this is what our graduates have to say!



Dara Ben-Judah

“Each retreat brings new connections, friendships, and insights about myself. I become a better person and entrepreneur each time!”


Yvelle CorrIelus

“I keep coming back because I always away with something invaluable that I can’t find elsewhere. PERIOD. It’s like winning the lottery. That’s how lucky I feel”


Adri Lueiro

“I love DA Retreats because each of them brought a positive change to my life. From pushing me to make hard career decisions to opening my mind on how to increase my income! All while having fun and forging beautiful friendships.”

your co-working accommodation for the week
(may 20-27)

Yafo Creative House

This swanky apartment is located within a historic, 100-year-old Ottoman-style building in the heart of Jaffa. The house, formerly a boutique guest house and an art gallery, is now renovated and reopened as an entire apartment, ideal for us co-working besties! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

*This add-on is only available as an add-on to the Israel Trip (May 13-20) or if you’re a Retreat/Success ⭕ Circle Graduate!

what to expect


8 day trip in israel (May 13 - 20, 2023)


co-working week add-on! (may 20 - 27, 2023)


$1,997- If you’re a DAR Graduate or Success ⭕ Circle member!

(If you have an existing discount with us, please note that this does not apply to the co-working week!)

Meet your hosts

Alyne & Matt

Alyne Tamir @DearAlyne

Content creator & entrepreneur

An only child, Alyne started Dear Alyne retreats so she could have her own “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” and build what she hopes will be a lifelong community. 

Named by Forbes “The top influencer pioneering online to offline!”, Alyne is a Content Creator and Entrepreneur with over 3 million-plus followers and more than a billion views across all her social media platforms.  Raised both Mormon and Jewish, Alyne attracts an audience of people with mixed identities.   Alyne’s passions include social issues, women empowerment, animal rights, and she has travelled to over 90 countries.

When not creating content, she runs Dear Alyne Retreats, Success Circle Mastermind, and on-demand courses, with over 2000 graduates, where she continues to transparently enable people to grow in their professional and personal lives.

Alyne has worked with global brands such as Disney, The United Nations, Abu Dhabi Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and many more.


Matt Keston @mattKeston

content creator & host

Matt is the Head of Trainers at

Matt’s main mission in his role is to bring people together and make sure they have the best time possible when doing it, whether it be through education, partying, or a healthy working environment. Matt is a regular MC for all Nas Daily events and in his past life was a stand-up comedian.

With a passion for football alongside his main job, Matt coaches a men’s football team in Israel, a place he has lived since 2018 after growing up his whole life in the UK.

Matt moved to Israel to go back to University and become an official licensed tour guide.

No Excuses, Just Retreats!




  1. The Tel Aviv Trip will take place from May 13th – May 20th, 2023.
  2. The co-working week will take place from May 20th – May 27th, 2023

This trip is open to both men, women and couples! Our graduates tend to be entrepreneurs, business people, creators, or just curious adventurous souls. Ages run on average from 25 – 55 (or occasionally older or younger!)  Israel is an extremely liberal country and very welcoming of LGBTQ+ travelers! 🏳️‍🌈

The co-working week (May 20-27) is only available as an add-on if you: 

  • Are attending the Israel Trip (May 13-20).
  • Are an existing DAR/Success ⭕ Circle graduate. 
  • Are interested in Entrepreneurship / Start Ups / Business

May happens to be one of the best times to visit Israel!

Daily high temperatures from 76°F to 81°F, rarely falling below 69°F or exceeding 88°F. Daily low temperatures from 60°F to 66°F, rarely falling below 54°F or exceeding 70°F.

When you come to the trip (May 13th – 20th, 2023), especially one in Israel, leave work where it belongs (back home!) 😁 

You CAN and are encouraged to work during the Coworking Week (May 20-27) 

We want you to experience this amazing country and do all the fun things no other typical tour can and will offer you, that’s why we discourage you to bring work during the trip.  

  1. May 13th – 20th, 2023 (trip): We will be hosted by Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv, nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv. They will be shared rooms but upgrades to single rooms are available!
  2. May 20th – 27th, 2023 (coworking add-on): We will cozy up in a swanky, aesthetic artistic co-working apartment in the heart Yafo! Rooms will be SHARED as will QUEEN BEDS (as we do at many retreats).  

*Room choice is based on full payments – so whoever’s full payment is submitted first gets first pick! 
  • We have a no refund policy, but you can find a replacement and transfer your spot! Please do not book if you are not sure you’ll be joining. As there are costs associated with the retreat that we must pay prior to the start date. This includes but is not limited to the reserving the villa, staff, activities, aligning of vendors, van rentals, chefs, staff, and other relevant arrangements.
  • Cancellation needs to be in writing, to be sent to us on email at, NOT on Whatsapp. The cancellation needs to be acknowledged back, in case you do not receive an acknowledgment the cancellation is not valid, so ensure to get a confirmation email back.
  • Exceptions may apply in severe medical cases etc.