To ensure the right mix of people, our retreats are application only

Please fill out the application form provided and our team will take a look at the final group options. If you are selected, we will send you an invitation via email! You will have 48 hours to accept it so please keep an eye out on your inbox and add to your list. 

*Note: If not selected, don’t worry! We’ll keep your application safe for future retreats. Each retreat will have a different vibe and purpose, so we want to make sure you’re in the right place!

 COWORKING RETREATS allow time for your job, our other retreats require your full focus. 

Our retreat themes vary, so be sure to read the retreat description!

Rates are based on double occupancy.

Depending on the theme and location of the retreat, you may end up sharing a queen/king bed depending on room options during the trip, just like at our Utah and Albania retreats! Enjoy the true sleep-over vibes! This is because most beautiful, unique villas only come with large beds and not 2 beds. If we booked places with 2 beds they would be uglier villas, and we like gorgeous villas! 

PS: If you’re coming with a friend, let us know, and we can room you together!

*Room choice is based on full payments – so whoever’s full payment is submitted first gets first pick! 

  • There will be no refunds, as there are costs associated with the retreat that we must pay prior to the start date. This includes but is not limited to the reserving the villa, activities, aligning of vendors, van rentals, chefs, staff, and other relevant arrangements.
  • You may arrange a transfer of your spot to another applicant (waitlist or friend) as long as their application is approved. 
  • Cancellation needs to be in writing, sent to   The cancellation needs to be acknowledged back, in case you do not receive an acknowledgement the cancellation is not valid, so ensure to get a confirmation email.
  • Exceptions and refunds may apply in severe medical cases etc.

Are you an introvert? I can be too! We have quiet and work time as well as signs that say, essentially, “LEAVE ME ALONE”. Lolz. We also run through boundaries at the start of the trip to make sure no one feels over socialized. We got you!

Many of our graduates get this experience covered by their employers. Talk to your HR/Manager. Many companies have budgets for continuing education and some of our women get the entire retreat covered by their companies. We are happy to provide an official letter to submit to your employer. 

TAX WISE: Ask us for an invoice. Many people use this educational retreat as a tax deduction. 

While we have provided scholarships in the past, we do not provide scholarships at this time. 

Our retreats are for people who are open minded, ready to try new things, and ready to change themselves. 

Most of our attendees fall between age 25-45, but we have women of all ages, including our co-host Nadine who is 50+.  

Most of our graduates are career focused, with a range of people from teachers to creators to entrepreneurs, and quite a few high-tech people from places like Google, Salesforce, and Harvard. 

Not sure if you’ll vibe? Message us and we’ll give you an honest breakdown. We want to make sure it’s right for you too! 


Our retreats are dropped via email so make sure you’re on the email list HERE

Current retreats are listed HERE, but retreats are ALWAYS dropped via email before they land on the website and often fill up there first, so make sure you’re on the list! 

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