Sept 29 - Oct 5, 2024


Magic Mushrooms in Jamaica, Women’s Circles in Bali, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies in Mexico – Dear Alyne Retreats is the place to come to try new experiences, share your secrets, and grow both personally and professionally. We talk about sex, work, investments, secrets, plant medicine, and more. This is a place to – possibly for the first time in your life, TRULY, safely be YOU. 


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"Dear Alyne has had an immensely positive effect on my life ever since I attended the retreat in Mexico! The biggest thing it gave me was a newfound sense of purpose; it allowed me to set clear goals for myself and find solid support networks that would help propel me towards reaching them. Dear Alyne's retreats, Masterclass and Mastermind sessions are invaluable - something for which I am eternally grateful! -Thanks Alyne!"
yvelle corrielus

Tulum, Utah, Dubai, Jamaica

"The Jamaica retreat changed my life. I was able to open myself to my spiritual side, feeling ok with being vulnerable and being able to realize how we all have some similarities in our stories and sharing that with a supportive community as it’s the one of Alyne, can be the beginning of your healing journey. Being vulnerable has empowered me and I’m so happy I was able to start this journey in company of amazing supportive people."
Karla Angelica

Jamaica, Tel Aviv, Success Circle Master Mind

" Dear Alyne Retreat was one of the best experiences of my life, it gave me just the push that I needed to start off my video making journey. I am now a full time content creator! And let’s not forget the amazing girls I met, community really is everything."

Mimi Alessio

Bali, Success Circle Mastermind

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These retreats are curated carefully and are application only. This is to make sure everyone has the best possible time and, as every retreat is unique,  attends the right retreat for them! Chances are, if you are crazy enough to apply, trust us, and spend a week with strangers, you’ll be the right fit!