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Season 4: Coming Soon! 

The best thing you can invest in is....yo' self!

What is "Success ⭕️ Circle"?!

Success ⭕ Circle is a small group mastermind hosted by Dear Alyne to help you STAY PRESENT, HIT PROFESSIONAL GOALS, AND “GROUP THERAPIZE” with deep chats (see below).

 Our 12 sessions topics will be based on YOUR needs.

 Past sessions include: 

• Manifesting your dream life, partner, or job
• Get financially naked: we do and share our Net Worth Analyses
• Relationship Checkins: Should you have a Pre-nupital agreement? Loan money to family? 

You’ll have an opportunity for a HOT SEAT 🔥 
• This is where the full group focuses their brain power on YOUR problem or goal. For example: “Should I quite my job to start a new baking business?!” 

You’ll create or enjoy a WORKSHOP 👩🏽‍🏫 
• Teaching is the best form of learning. Propose your idea and get the chance to share a 10 minute workshop with the group! 

You’ll Meet your Mentors 🏅
• Have the once in a lifetime chance to ask the people YOU admire for advice on YOUR goals or projects. 

We meet 12 weeks in a row with priceless guest mentors, deep chats, and in person meetups. Success Circle has created a space for you to LEARN, GROW, AND PUSH YOURSELF. Have weekly checkins for your GOALS. Remain accountable with a group of  dedicated friends from around the WORLD.


The one thing that is stopping you, may be you. 

See you in The Circle!


The most valuable part is learning from the guest speakers, who teach me aspects helpful to go further with my project. They inspire me each week!”
Gamila Mostafa
so, what do we do exactly..?

Success ⭕ Circle at a glance:


Who Can Join?

All genders welcome! This program is open to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their personal life and career.


What are the dates?

Season 4 coming soon! Be sure to subscribe to our email list for the official launch date.

What will we do?

✅ 12 weeks of deep chats, group coaching, and accountability calls with Alyne and cohort

✅ 3-6 monthly Fireside Chats and Q&A's with leading experts to get you the short cut to your answers

✅ 1 weekly challenge to put your learnings and lessons into practical action

✅ 24/7 Success Circle Chat, where you can talk with Alyne + your cohort anytime

“It feels so amazing being part of a circle of humans that push each other to grow.”
Reina Elissa
Content Creator

How will this change my life?

Have difficult yet important conversations like our Let’s Get Financially Naked and Relationship Deep Dive sessions

Work Smart, not hard. Solve your business problems by asking our guest experts.

Elevate your international circle. Our graduates often visit each others homes in different countries! 

Join the Club!

“I am now more confident and I've gotten out of my funk since joining Success Circle.”
Leo Godoy
Content Creator

What's coming!

emotional deep-dive sessions with nadine mcneil!

Start the season off with a deep and meaningful dive- mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Dragon's Den with Nas Academy's COO - Alex Dwek!

Get ready for the long-awaited event of Success Circle History! Pitch your business ideas in a round of Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank!

Money Mindset with Alyne Tamir!

Take a personal stock-check of your income streams, assets and money goals. Learn how to improve or earn/make more!

crush the corporate ladder with joana jamil from meta!

Hear it first from Meta’s Creator Manager on how she balances work and personal time as a corporate queen and mother! 

“Alyne’s general insight into her world of content, business and life as well as the workshops is amazing. Learning from different experts and getting practical advice that we can use straight away!”
Vics Makutu

$800 value included in Membership:



This comprehensive dive into money tells you: 

  • What Alyne makes and from which income streams 
  • The many remote job options
  • How to find, pitch, and negotiate with brands
  • What to charge 
  • And so much more!


This class has launched multiple careers, from creators to social media managers to art directors. How to make a video from ideation to script, to edit, to publish. 


This is a place to dip your toe into the content creation world. What platform to use? What topics to cover? Answered here! 


This unique course teaches you how to talk about sensitive topics without offending everyone. If you’re someone who cares about social issues, this is the course for you.

Learn everything you need to know about Content.

“The connection of like minded people who provide support and inspiration is the most valuable part of the Success Circle.”
Callie Saleski

"One year from now, you will wish, you had signed up for Dear Alyne's Success ⭕ Circle!"

– Amelia Earheart – Abraham Lincoln – Mahatma Gandhi

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"Success Circle helps strangers become friends and build networks - it brought so many opportunities my way!"
Dara Ben-Judah

Meet Your Priceless Mentors (Confirmed)

@nasdaily ceo, creator, angel investor

FEEDBACK SESSION WITH Nuseir Yassin, founder and CEO of Nas Daily, has grown to be one of the most influential content creators on social media. Get “roasted” by Nuseir in an intense open Q&A and content review!

lorena from nas academy @sustentofila

Lorena is the Head of Video at Nas Academy. Learn how to content batch, manage your company’s social media, and gain 500k followers with less than 20 videos.


inbal shenfled
Alyne's business mentor

Alyne’s Personal Mentor, Angel Investor and Start Up genius Inbal. She is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Papaya Global.


sponsorships + negotiation

Christian Betzmann is a German travel vlogger who has travelled across more than 50 countries. Learn how to pitch to hotels whenever you travel.


Meta creator manager

Joana is the Strategic Partner Manager at Meta MENA. We’ll be learning first-hand how to crush the corporate ladder.

nadine mcneil

Nadine is a badass yoga teacher, public speaker, transformational coach,. We will have intense, deep-dive sessions with her about our mental and emotional wellbeing, and boundary-setting.


@adwek coo of nas academy

Alex has taught us pitching – now he’ll judge the results! Join us for a special SHARK TANK/DRAGONS DEN event where you’ll pitch to Alex!

alvaro rojas

Alvaro is the youngest Spaniard to visit EVERY country in the world! Discuss open topics about content, brand deals, and traveling to the coolest yet most unconventional parts of the world.

"The connections I've made in this group is invaluable- I couldn't put a price on it."
Trevor Carlson
Content Creator

Meet your host!

Alyne Tamir

Content creator & entrepreneur

An only child, Alyne started Dear Alyne retreats so she could have her own “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” and build what she hopes will be a lifelong community. 

Named by Forbes “The top influencer pioneering online to offline!”, Alyne is a Content Creator and Entrepreneur with over 3 million-plus followers and more than a billion views across all her social media platforms.  Raised both Mormon and Jewish, Alyne attracts an audience of people with mixed identities.   Alyne’s passions include social issues, women empowerment, animal rights, and she has travelled to over 90 countries.

When not creating content, she runs Dear Alyne Retreats, Success Circle Mastermind, and on-demand courses, with over 2000 graduates, where she continues to transparently enable people to grow in their professional and personal lives.

Alyne has worked with global brands such as Disney, The United Nations, Abu Dhabi Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and many more.


dear alyne's success ⭕ circle: coming soon!

$497/month - 3 month commitment





The next cohort’s date will be advised soon! Be sure to subscribe to our email list for the official launch! 

Meetings will be held on Sundays, to start your week together at 9pm (GMT+4 Dubai time). Check your local time zone to see if this works for you. They will run from 60-90 minutes depending on the topic.

We tried to pick a time that works best for our US members. Live meetings will be held at 9pm (GMT+4 Dubai time) on Sundays. Members must not miss more than 3 meetings, so if you cannot make the live sessions, this won’t be the program for you.

In order to sign up please complete the application form and we will get back to you!