Dear Alyne Retreats

Türkiye Beauty &Co-working Retreat

1st – 14th March 2024

Have your own two week glow up, aesthetically & personally,

and make new besties along the way.

A 2 Week Beauty & Co-working Experience

March 1 – 14, 2024

Did you know that Istanbul is one of the best places in the world to beautify yourself?

Have you been wanting to find a good value, professional clinic to get beauty treatments done?

Are you a remote worker wanting to meet other like-minded women to co-work and connect with

We have the perfect experience for you.

Come join our 2 week Beauty & Co-working Retreat, happening 1st-14th March in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Throughout the week, our team will organise beauty treatments of your choosing for you, such as botox, fillers, mesotherapy, facial peels, dental appointments, lip blushing, laser hair removal, hair extensions, manicure & pedicures, slimming treatments & even consultations for you to have more permanent beautifying medical treatments.
We will also give you the translated health & safety measures you need to take for each procedure & organise transportation for you.

Monday – Thursday we will co-working from luxury apartments in the best location in Istanbul for site-seeing and exploring the city, Galata

At the weekends, we will have fun trips & excursions in store for you. More will be revealed soon… 

In the evenings we will have cooked dinners together and have CHISME nights (look it up!), where we chat about all things money, relationships, sex, family, self love, business, and more. 

These retreats are done on an application basis so you know that the high caliber of women you will be connecting with will be at your level.

These longer retreats are where we really become ✨besties✨. Cancel all your plans and we’ll see you in TURKIYE!

Our Retreat DETAILS

Turkiye Co-working Retreat at a glance

Who Can Join?

This is exclusively a WOMXN ONLY retreat! (We define "womxn" in the FAQ!)


1) 13 nights in Istanbul (City)
2) 2 nights in Cappadocia (Fairy Chimneys)

What are the dates?

March 1st - 14th, 2023.

Airport Options

Istanbul Airport (IST)

What is Included...

💋 Single/ Shared Occupancy Accommodation in Luxury Apartments in the Best Location in Istanbul for Site-seeing & Exploring the City.
💋 Transportation To & From the Airport.
💋 Transportation for your Beauty Appointments.
💋 All Inclusive, Home Cooked  by a Private Chef Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
💋 Self Empowerment Photoshoot.
💋 Talks on all things business, money, content creation, relationships, sex, dating, beauty, fashion, manifestation, self development & more.
💋 High internet speed co-working spaces at the property and at an exclusive, high profile membership club
💋 One dinner included out on the town!
💋 Girly nights out organised at the coolest spots in Istanbul.
💋​ Hot Seats! What are hot seats, you may ask? This just so happens to be the favorite part of the retreats for many people! The entire group will focus on YOU for one session – helping you troubleshoot your problems and find solutions!
💋​ Workshops and well-being sessions held by our very own retreat attendees! Even you – yes YOU – can teach a workshop on something you’re an expert or simply just passionate about! We all love to learn here. 


💋 Entrance to a Turkish Hammam spa day
💋 Hot Air Balloon ride
in Cappadocia. 
💋 Cultural private tours of Istanbul & Turkey
organised by us.
💋Beauty treatment recommendations & bookings
all organised by us so you can just turn up & enjoy being beautified.
💋 Transportation for Group Trips & Excursions (including flights to Cappadocia).
💋 14K Gold Necklaces
and a private gold shopping session with this grand jeweller.
💋 Turkish Ottoman Cuisine:
As always, Dear Alyne Retreats are 100% vegetarian with vegan options. Are you Gluten Free, or have allergies? Just let us know! 
We will have an on-site personal chef in Kas who will cook up 100% meat-free local deliciousness for us throughout our stay.

"One year from now, you will wish, you had signed up for the Turkiye Co-working Retreat today!"

– Amelia Earheart – Abraham Lincoln – Mahatma Gandhi

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Who comes to these retreats?


Silvia and Piero have mastered the art of balancing high level corporate jobs and impressive side hustles – all while enjoying life!  Piero works full time at Google as a Cloud Engineer, and Silvia works for Sales Force in San Francisco. On the side, they run a successful AirBnB business with properties all around Spain, and have a rescue dog named Enzo. 


Fátima and Daniela have been traveling the world on a budget for 6 years! From almost having nothing in the bank- living in the most dangerous parts of Peru- to now being Peru’s LARGEST content creators, with 2+ M followers! They not only built their following to millions in a few years, they also grew a physical product business (travel bags) as well as growing a team of 17 employees!


Kashlee is the co-founder and CEO of Travel Off Path, one of the largest travel news sites in the world,  with over 2M+ readers monthly. Kashlee sold her house and 90% of her belongings, to live out of two suitcases and travel the world. Collecting experiences instead of things brought Kashlee to author “The High Maintenance Minimalist”, a book all about decluttering and creating more freedom.

Dara Ben-judah

Dara is a nomadic sales consultant and business developer who travels full-time, and has been to 5 of our retreats! She is an inspiration to her nieces and nephews and encourages them to travel more! Besides killing the sales game, Dara is a road trip expert who travels all over the States with her dog, Oliver!

Evie corrielus

Yvelle is a returning retreater! She’s attended 4 of our retreats already! Since we met her, she launched her own company, Nursely Nurse, focusing on nurse burnout. Along the way, she picked up a few tricks in side hustles, which eventually led to her leaving full-time bedside nursing and moving towards working remotely.

Meet your host

Dear Alyne

Alyne Tamir @DearAlyne

Content creator & entrepreneur

An only child, Alyne started Dear Alyne retreats so she could have her own “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” and build what she hopes will be a lifelong community. 

Named by Forbes “The top influencer pioneering online to offline!”,  Alyne is a Content Creator and Entrepreneur with over 3 million-plus followers and more than a billion views across all her social media platforms.  Raised both Mormon and Jewish, Alyne attracts an audience of people with mixed identities.  Alyne’s passions include social issues, women empowerment, animal rights, and she has travelled to over 90+ countries.

When not creating content, she runs Dear Alyne Retreats, Success Circle Mastermind, and on-demand courses, with over 2000+ graduates, where she continues to transparently enable people to grow in their professional and personal lives.

Alyne has worked with global brands such as Disney, The United Nations, Abu Dhabi Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and many more.


Our Retreat food

Turkish Ottoman Cuisine

Local & fresh chef cooked vegetarian meals

As always, Dear Alyne Retreats are 100% vegetarian with vegan options. Are you Gluten Free, or have allergies? Just let us know! 
We will have an on-site personal chef in Kas who will cook up 100% meat-free local deliciousness for us throughout our stay.
14 AlL-Inclusive days in Turkey for:

$4444 (shared occupancy) or $5,555 (private)

No Excuses, Just Retreats!




This retreat will take place between the afternoon of March 1st to the morning of March 14th 2024. 

Our target for this group is entrepreneursdigital nomads, freelancers, business executives, and remote-working professionals, who need a break but who would enjoy networking with people from around the globe

Any womxn (+18) is welcome to our retreat. That includes women, and everyone who identifies as a woman. community.  Our women tend to be 25-50 in age but we have all ages as young as 18 or in their 60’s join and fit right in.  You need to be CHILL and open to CHANGES.

***If you are PICKY or easily IRRITATED this is not the right trip for you.*** 

Women come from all over the world (from Spain to Singapore, Romania to Brazil). What we all have in common is that we are open minded, non judgmental, supportive, ambitious, and want the best for each other and the world. 

We tend to have a good mix of more established women and women still building their careers. 

We want people who are independent, can work on their own and also help inspire and contribute their knowledge with the group. 

We debated opening this to both genders but ultimately decided to keep it women only.  The word woman is fluid, so imagine it as “feminine energy”. If you are a man that’s LGBTQ+ please feel free to apply!

Are you an introvert? I can be too! We have quiet and work time as well as signs that say, essentially, “LEAVE ME ALONE”. Lolz. We also run through boundaries at the start of the trip to make sure no one feels over socialized. We got you! 

Talk to your HR/Manager! Many companies have budgets for continuing education and some of our women get the entire retreats covered by their companies. We are happy to provide an official letter to submit to your employer. 

Ask us for an invoice! Many people use this educational retreat as a tax deduction! 

If you’re looking to fly in Business Class, let us know! We have contacts (including our graduate Kashlee!) that help us score the best business flights. 😎

To ensure the right mix of people, this retreat is application only

Please fill out the application form and our team will take a look at the final group options.  If you are selected, we will send you an invitation via email! You will have 48 hours to accept it so please keep an eye out on your inbox. 

*Note: If not selected, don’t worry! We’ll keep your application safe for future retreats. Each retreat will have a different vibe and purpose, so we want to make sure you’re in the right place!

Yes,  Sí, Oui, Da, Ja! This is the point of the whole retreat – we will be co-working from Mondays-Thursdays, traveling on Fridays and going on weekend trips/tours on the weekends! 

April is spring in Turkey and the weather is warm, but not hot, in much of the country: Istanbul sees average monthly temperatures of around 60-62°F (16-17°C), while Kas and Cappadocia are a few degrees warmer, at 68-69°F (19-20°C). So pack comfortable clothes!

You will be sharing a room AND OFTEN A QUEEN/KING BED depending on room options during the trip. The full-sized beds in the villa may be SHARED beds just like  at our Utah and Albania retreats! Enjoy the true sleep-over vibes! This is because most beautiful villas only come with large beds and not 2 beds. If we booked places with 2 beds they would be uglier villas, and we like gorgeous villas!  If you’re coming with a friend, let us know, and we can room you together!

*Room choice is based on full payments – so whoever’s full payment is submitted first gets first pick! 

  • There will be no FULL refunds, as there are costs associated with the retreat that we must pay prior to the start date. This includes but is not limited to the reserving the villa, activities, aligning of vendors, van rentals, chefs, staff, and other relevant arrangements.
  •  We do not have the capacity to offer you your $500 deposit as a refund or to roll over the amounts to future retreats.
  • If you happen to cancel your participation, there will be no refunds or credit transfers.
  • Cancellation needs to be in writing, to be sent to us on email at, the cancellation needs to be acknowledged back, in case you do not receive an acknowledgement the cancellation is not valid, so ensure to get a confirmation email back.
  • Exceptions may apply in severe medical cases etc.