Scotland Digital Detox Retreat

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A cozy mansion, a handsome chef, a Scottish bagpiper, a talented photographer, amazing women, no internet and YOU!

Come Reset at a Digital Detox Retreat in Scotland!

June 3 – 10, 2023

Put down your phone (after you book your flights LOLZ).

Your nervous system is on high stress all the time. Thousands of images of what you should do, who you should be, what you should look like scroll past you DAILY on your phone, laptop, TV, Billboards.


It’s not healthy, it’s not natural. IT’S NOT THE VIBE. 


Enter: The Scottish highlands,  kilts, herbal medicines, whiskey tastings, forest walks, and new friends in a remote mansion that are all waiting for YOU!

Reset your Nervous system, get Clarity on your life, and Connect with people you admire.

Life is meant to be LIVED! 



Our trip DETAILS

Scotland at a glance!


Who Can Join?

Due to the intimate setting of this retreat, this is exclusively open to women only!


What are the dates?

June 3rd - June 10th, 2023.


Outside Inverness, Scotland UK.

Airport Options

Inverness Airport (INV).


What will we do?

You'll trust the magic of Scotland to show you what you need to learn about yourself, your career, and your life path.

Forget the bustling city noise, the blue-lights from your screens, the endless binging of your notifications!

We'll spend a week hidden away in the highlands of Inverness, tucked away in a cozy Mansion, surrounded by Mother Nature, campfires, herbal teas and a lot of sleeping in. Let's take this time to DISCONNECT from the world, and RECONNECT with ourselves and everything that surrounds us.

your accommodation for the week

Mullardoch House

All this magic will be taking place in this picture-postcard Edwardian lodge, built on sacred, Celtic ground. Surrounded by granite mountains, a flowing river, and acres of nature – who wouldn’t want a social-media detox here? It used to be a hunting lodge – now, it will be our very own vegetarian haven

what to expect


So what's plan?! ( expect changes+ surprises)


Welcome to inverness!

The country best known for unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster welcomes you! Everyone will be arriving at different times, so we know how physically drained you must be!  So as with tradition, we will have a casual welcome dinner. Play a few get-to-know-you games, as we sit, unwind, and enjoy a cup of hot tea, glass of wine or whisky – pick your poison! 😉

glen afric park

Rise and shine, and get your Wellies on as we take a day trip to Glen Afric Park. Time to redirect our energies and truly reconnect with Mother Nature – breathe the fresh, crisp, Spring air and enjoy a real-life ASMR of the gorgeous rivers and waterfalls. 

Silent nature walk

With all the noise we hear in our day-to-day lives, like the binging of our phones – whether it be an Instagram notification, a WhatsApp message, or an email- the one thing we came for this retreat, is peace. What better way to find that peace we’ve been craving for than a silent walk through the estate of Mullardoch. 

workshop day

Herbalism, bespoke teas, and healing our nervous systems – all what a Digital Detox Retreat needs!

road trip to the isle of skye

Lochs, highlands, Old Man Storr, whisky distillery tasting tour- I hope you’re ready to take the scenic route because it’ll be a long drive! We’ll take packed lunches, and have a mobile moving picnic as we journey to the Isle of Skye. 

PS: Sleeping is ALSO an option hehe. 

journaling + women's circle with nadine

What better way to close a Dear Alyne Retreat with compliment journals and an amazing, intimate Women’s Circle led by our very own Nadine McNeil. 

trip details

What's included:

A magical lodge on the Highlands

Welcome to Mullardoch House. A remote, historical hunting lodge where we’ll leave all the troubles of our regular, day-to-day lives that we've spent most on, in front of a screen. Take this time to unwind, sit back, and enjoy a cuppa (cup of tea), or maybe.. even a whisky? 🥃

Private chef & a guide.. in a kilt!

We will have tons of fun activities and guided tours planned like exploring sacred ground of our beautiful mountain lodge, day trips into town, Glen Afric Park, and an exciting road trip to The Isle of Skye!

Breakfast: Because this is a Digital Detox Retreat, we have given everyone the option to sleep in - so enjoy it while it lasts hehe. Our pantry will be stocked with basics like bread, cereal, healthy snack bars, and oatmeal.

Lunch and Dinners: Our private, in-house chef will have a specially curated, vegetarian/vegan menu. No two meals a like!

Workshops and Experiences

Gear up a for week filled with amazing workshops and experiences led by the very owner of the estate, Noemie, where she will be touching on topics like herbalism and healing our nervous systems - the universe knows we need it!
Joining us on this detox, will be no other than our spiritually fierce, Jamaican queen, Nadine McNeil, as she leads us into our DAR staple: Women's Circle, and daily yoga.

Private, professional photography session

We will have a professional photographer join us on this retreat, capturing every moment spent together. We will gift everyone a private, professional photoshoot session

What's not included:

Your flights, PCR tests, or personal purchases.

That's all!

Photography by Stefanie Reindl!

our food!


Meet chef jordan:

Professional, private chef Jordan Clements prides himself on his ethical, responsible & sustainable approach to his ingredients. 

Born in the UK and growing up abroad, he has spent most of his 39 years traveling, living on the islands of Malta & Tenerife, Thailand & the USA. He has had the privileged experience of working for some of the world’s best known Michelin & Rosette restaurants across the world. Using his social platforms to educate his followers on the importance of sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients, has resulted in some of his work being picked up and used on Scotland television stations & radio. He lives in Edinburgh, has 2 children who are just as passionate about food as he is! Writing, travel & languages as some of his most enjoyable hobbies.

"One year from now, you will wish, you had signed up for the Scotland Digital Detox Retreat today!"

– Amelia Earheart – Abraham Lincoln – Mahatma Gandhi

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this is what our graduates have to say!



Dara Ben-Judah

“Each retreat brings new connections, friendships, and insights about myself. I become a better person and entrepreneur each time!”


Yvelle CorrIelus

“I keep coming back because I always away with something invaluable that I can’t find elsewhere. PERIOD. It’s like winning the lottery. That’s how lucky I feel”


Adri Lueiro

“I love DA Retreats because each of them brought a positive change to my life. From pushing me to make hard career decisions to opening my mind on how to increase my income! All while having fun and forging beautiful friendships.”

What's included?


about us:

Meet our best team yet!

Alyne Tamir

Content creator & entrepreneur

An only child, Alyne started Dear Alyne retreats so she could have her own “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” and build what she hopes will be a lifelong community. 

Named by Forbes “The top influencer pioneering online to offline!”, Alyne is a Content Creator and Entrepreneur with over 3 million-plus followers and more than a billion views across all her social media platforms.  Raised both Mormon and Jewish, Alyne attracts an audience of people with mixed identities.   Alyne’s passions include social issues, women empowerment, animal rights, and she has travelled to over 90 countries.

When not creating content, she runs Dear Alyne Retreats, Success Circle Mastermind, and on-demand courses, with over 2000 graduates, where she continues to transparently enable people to grow in their professional and personal lives.

Alyne has worked with global brands such as Disney, The United Nations, Abu Dhabi Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and many more.


Nadine McNiel @UniversalEmpress​


Nadine’s mission as a yoga teacher, speaker, wisdom mentor, writer and humanitarian is to ignite infinite possibilities in people around the world, especially within marginalized communities.

No stranger to moments of crisis, prior to her current work Nadine served the world for over two decades as a servant leader. ‘As a result of my vast and colorful international experience as a disaster response specialist working with the United Nations globally, I have experienced and witnessed trauma first-hand,’ she declares. However, it was in recognizing her most urgent and important disaster was herself, that brought Nadine to her knees.

In 2015, Nadine was invited to start hosting Circles at the Yoga Barn, South East Asia’s largest mindfulness and wellness center. Since then, she’s led hundreds of circles, both on-line and in person, impacting thousands of women across the world.

An accomplished transformational speaker, Nadine has appeared on international platforms such as Mindvalley’s A-Fest, BaliSpirit Festival, Caribbean Yoga Conference and more.

Stefanie Reindl


The goal of Stefanie is to capture the special moments of life with creativity and heart. For over eight years, she has been working as a photographer. Love is the the most powerful energy and that is what she is trying to show: the love to each other, the love to yourself, the love to nature and all the little details in our everyday lives. 


Photography teaches her how to focus on the positive things, be in the present moment, and connecting to people in a very special and intimate way. Other passions of Stefanie are traveling, journaling, skiing, hiking, playing the guitar, reading and enjoying the sunshine in a hammock.

Ross OC Jennings
@The FirstPiper

Bagpiper, tour guide, traveller

Ross is a presenter, content creator, and travelling bagpiper.

He makes videos about traditions & origin stories and shares them online.

No Excuses, Just Retreats!




June 3rd – 10th, 2023. 

This retreat is exclusive to women only

In June, maximum temperature is 63°F and the minimum temperature is 54°F (for an average temperature of 58°F).

No – this retreat is a DIGITAL DETOX. This means that we’ll be staying far away from technology for as much as possible. We will obviously have allotted times to check on and message our loved ones! 

Enjoy the true sleepover vibes! You will be sharing a room – often a queen/king-size bed. If you’re bringing a friend, let us know and we’ll room you together! 

*Room choice is based on full payments – so whoever’s full payment is submitted first gets first pick! 

  • We have a no refund policy, but you can find a replacement and transfer your spot! Please do not book if you are not sure you’ll be joining. As there are costs associated with the retreat that we must pay prior to the start date. This includes but is not limited to the reserving the villa, staff, activities, aligning of vendors, van rentals, chefs, staff, and other relevant arrangements.
  • Cancellation needs to be in writing, to be sent to us on email at, NOT on Whatsapp. The cancellation needs to be acknowledged back, in case you do not receive an acknowledgment the cancellation is not valid, so ensure to get a confirmation email back.
  • Exceptions may apply in severe medical cases etc.