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Hi, Beautiful! It's Alyne here πŸ‘Έ

Let me share my story with you...

When I graduated from college, I worked for $2/hr as a waitress and barely made minimum wage. I didn't have a good money mindset. I was so focused on saving $0.25 and I never thought about making more.

Over the past 10 years, luckily a lot has changed, and I've taught myself so much about finding ways to make money online so that I can have the dream life that I always wanted, which is to be a digital nomad and to be able to work and travel from anywhere in the world.

In this Free Training, I want to teach you the things that made the biggest difference in me going from making below minimum wage as a waitress to making over 500K last year.


What you will learn:

πŸ’Έβ€Š Money Mindset: Be like Sara. She saved 25K dollars on taxes from a money mindset shift taught through working with me. I'll share with you ways to cultivate a growth money mindset and release any blocks which might be holding you back from hitting your income goals.

πŸ’Όβ€Š Business Foundations: People think that starting a business is complicated, it's not. There are set strategies which all successful online businesses follow and I'm going to talk you through them. I promise you, anyone can do it.

πŸ‘€β€Š Audience: How to make content that will grow, retain and connect with your following.

πŸ“Έβ€Š Marketing: Learn how I made $100K in one month from having an email list. I'll be taking you through all my online marketing secrets from website optimisation, social media and influencer marketing, creating a killer email marketing campaign and more.

πŸ’« BONUS: If you stay until the end, you will also receive a Limited Time Discount Offer for Alyne’s Newest Course - The Rich E-Bitch Course: How To Make More And Work Less From Anywhere In The World.


Meet Your Teacher


Alyne Tamir

Luxury Retreats Host, Online Course Generator & Content Creator

It's been a 10+ year journey to get to me this place and it still feels a bit crazy for me to say that I am a 6-figure entrepreneur. I have founded multiple online businesses including Dear Alyne Retreats and various online courses including the newest one which I am so excited to introduce to you all - Rich E-Bitch: How To Make More And Work Less From Anywhere In The World.

My content creation is also a huge part of my online business income, with my videos ranging from social issues to salon trips and everything in between. My decade of experience in the online industry has generated a following of over 4+ million and counting.

I have so much financial, marketing, content creation and business building experience and expertise which I want to share with you all in my jam-packed Free Masterclass for you all.

As seen in:




πŸ–€β€Š Karla went from a salary of $120K to $260K after learning a powerful negotiation tactic (a $140K difference!)


πŸ–€β€Š Dara who increased her salary by 50%, tripled the amount she was investing, and most importantly, β€œI now view money in a more positive way and can envision myself becoming a millionaire. I couldn’t even truly dream that big before”.


πŸ–€β€Š Sesil gained 150K followers in 3 months after completing the Content Creation Masterclass. "My life took a 180 degree turn after completing this course!"


πŸ–€β€Š Guly said, "After completing Alyne’s course, I moved to MN to start a new career & got 1 million equity as a bonus. Getting to my 2nd mil this year".


πŸ–€β€Š Stephanie said that "6 months after the 1st retreat with Alyne, I made 250k more than the previous year. I have made plans to have a 10M company in the next 3 years".


πŸ–€β€Š Kashlee saved $400,000 a YEAR in taxes, as she learnt a strategic way to restructure her finances.

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